Innovation and Intellectual
Property (IP) Strategies

Your IP Is Too Valuable to Risk!

  • Our sole mission is to help you
  • We will also help you grow your market position and perception
  • Exclusive – we only work with a limited number of qualified clients
  • We deliver sophisticated solutions for complex needs
  • Our founder is one of the top IP consultants in the world
  • Rick Walker is also a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in numerous startup businesses.
  • He also founded and runs a successful trade association, and helps other trade associations, chambers, and similar business groups.

IP Success Accelerator Survey (TM)

A Strategic Approach to Accelerate Your Success
  • Reviews business strategy
  • Analyzes competitive advantage – now and future
  • Is cost effective – analyzes ROI + risk/reward
  • Protects only as necessary (strategically)
  • Other old school details are covered as well, but are not the driving force
  • Processes and documentation are produced
  • Led by experts in both IP and corporate strategy
  • Not just an academic exercise
  • More than Due Diligence, which has other goals
  • This is an essential driver for growing your business!
The inaugural Automotive Supplier Leadership AcademyTM, also known as ASLATM, was held in Huntsville, Alabama April 4-6, 2016, and was a resounding success. The Academy trained executives in eight core disciplines necessary for success.  Registration for the next Academy will open soon.  Go to for more information. 
Rick Walker is the Founder, President & CEO of the Georgia Automotive Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Learn more about how GAMA is helping the automotive industry thrive in Georgia, as well as in the Southeast, the nation, and internationally.
The Falcon Group, LLC also provides services to help other trade associations.

Recent News and Events

Rick Walker is the recipient of the prestigious SIBF International Entrepreneur of the Year Award, awarded in October, 2015.  

Rick Walker presented to the current cohort of autoXLR8R in Knoxville on July 28, 2015 on the importance of IP and some of the legal aspects of starting a company.

Rick Walker taught a seminar and workshop on "Startups and Intellectual Property" at the Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University in early 2015.

Rick Walker appeared on Launch Radio speaking on "Innovate or Die on the Vine."

Rick Walker has been featured in articles on innovation including "Innovate or Die on the Vine" published by Smart Business Network, Inc.
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