Innovation and Intellectual
Property (IP) Strategies

Services and Successes

Falcon IP Capital offers a wide range of services to help companies, entrepreneurs and inventors protect and maximize their valuable intellectual property. We employ well-proven proprietary methods and bring a depth and breadth of experience that includes international markets, including China and Europe.
  • IP strategic plan development including the "IP SUCCESS ACCELERATOR SURVEY"
  • Corporate strategies and corporate governance matters
  • IP audit - preliminary overview or extensive review
  • Market segment analysis and financial modeling
  • Brainstorming – invention and trademark development
  • Decision trees and litigation risk analysis
  • Probability modeling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • "EXTREME IP" consulting services help you manage your exceptional and extraordinary IP
  • "GEEK MEISTER" consulting services are for highly technical IP matters
  • Consulting services for trade associations, chambers, and similar business groups.  
We are not a law firm, and do not provide legal services, but we do work with some of the best law firms in the world. We are happy to quote fees upon request.